Our Approach

Fundamentally for any meaningful change to occur it must begin internally.

The above illustration shows the progression of transformation to the character of a person which is linked to their performance. It is not enough for an individual to have great skills and knowledge. Positive attitude and behaviour are also critical to a person’s performance. This is the underlying principle of our skills development strategy. We improve performance through the design and implementation of innovative pragmatic solutions relevant to today’s development needs.

Our Team of Trainers and Consultants have a broad mix of skills and experience in their fields that enable them to tailor solutions to the specific needs of the client organizations. We ensure that we assign the best resources in order to meet and/or exceed client expectations.
We use Action items from our training sessions to conduct quarterly reviews to assess the impact of the solutions and give recommendations for improvement.

Our methodology includes consultative and engaging approaches in all our assignments.

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Contact Info
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Corner Stone Africa
Africa Union Road (Opposite Alpha Palace Hotel),
Kisementi Cell - Gasabo District
Phone: (250)788302477
P.O.Box: 1918 Kigali
We have moved Cornerstone Africa (COSTA) Head Office has moved from Solas Building to Africa Union Road (Opposite Alpha Palace Hotel), Remera Sector, Gasabo District.

According to its Managing Director, Mr. Joshua Mbaraga, COSTA move is meant to create more visibility for the company and also be strategically co-located with their Training Institute that will soon be commissioned on the same block..